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118 Avallach Rd.


This stylish Modern dwelling is not your typical, southern Louisiana, home.  This one of a kind home features large, loft style living area, with a modern kitchen and sleek cabinetry.  The kids' room feature unique bunk beds and custom styling.  The rooms open up into a playroom that even adults would be envious of.  The playroom features olympic rings, a rock wall, swings and a slide.  A feature of every child's dream house.  

Right off the living room, on the outdoor patio, is the "Adult Playroom".  This Indoor/ Outdoor space re-defines a southern outdoor kitchen.  Complete with a built in grill and hibachi griddle, full sized fridge and built in sink.  Oh and did we mention?  It has two story ceilings and glass garage doors that open vertically, to turn your indoor space, to an outdoor space with the push of a button.  This home embodies the idea of a custom home.  Breaking away from the norm, and creating something that is one of a kind. 

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